NFL power rankings, Week 7: 49ers rise, Chiefs fall

NFL Power Rankings

The San Francisco 49ers proved to the world they’re the real thing, while the Kansas City Chiefs lost an ugly game at home for the second straight week.


Miami Dolphins 0-5

Last week: L, 17-16 vs. WSH
Last rank: 32nd

0-16 is happening.


Cincinnati Bengals 0-6

Last week: L, 23-17 at BAL
Last rank: 30th

The Bengals doing all they can to keep up with Miami.


Washington Redskins 1-5

Last week: W, 17-16 at MIA
Last rank: 29th

The Redskins aren’t moving up for that showing.


Atlanta Falcons 1-5

Last week: L, 34-33 at AZ
Last rank: 27th

Dan Quinn is a good man, but he needs to go.


New York Jets 1-4

Last week: W, 24-22 vs. DAL
Last rank: 31st

Sam Darnold comes back, and the win column finally has a digit other than zero.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-4

Last week: L, 37-26 vs. CAR
Last rank: 24th

Jameis Winston and turnovers. An unending combination.


New York Giants 2-4

Last week: L, 35-14 at NE
Last rank: 23rd

Daniel Jones suddenly looks very much like a rookie.


Pittsburgh Steelers 2-4

Last week: W, 24-17 at LAC
Last rank: 28th

The Steelers played bully ball in Los Angeles, and it worked beautifully.


Arizona Cardinals 2-3-1

Last week: W, 26-23 at CIN
Last rank: 26th

Kyler Murray torched Atlanta, joining a long line of others.


Cleveland Browns 2-4

Last week: L, 32-28 vs. SEA
Last rank: 22nd

This is going south in a major way.


Tennessee Titans 2-4

Last week: L, 16-0 at DEN
Last rank: 21st

Ryan Tannehill needs to start going forward.


Los Angeles Chargers 2-4

Last week: L, 24-21 vs. PIT
Last rank: 20th

This was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender. They’ll be lucky to reach the playoffs.


Denver Broncos 2-4

Last week: W, 16-0 vs. TEN
Last rank: 25th

Denver is becoming dominant defensively, and the Chiefs are a ripe opponent.


Jacksonville Jaguars 2-4

Last week: L, 13-6 vs. NO
Last rank: 19th

Jacksonville played tough against New Orleans, but it wasn’t enough.


Oakland Raiders 3-2

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 18th

The Raiders are suddenly very alive in the AFC West.


Los Angeles Rams 3-3

Last week: L, 20-7 vs. SF
Last rank: 10th

The Rams are struggling in all phases. It’s been ugly over the past three weeks.


Carolina Panthers 4-2

Last week: W, 37-26 at TB
Last rank: 17th

Kyle Allen might not be giving Cam Newton his job back.


Baltimore Ravens 4-2

Last week: W, 23-17 vs. CIN
Last rank: 16th

Lamar Jackson is Michael Vick but with a more accurate arm.


Chicago Bears 3-2

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 15th

The Bears desperately need to win coming out of the bye week.


Philadelphia Eagles 3-3

Last week: L, 38-20 at MIN
Last rank: 8th

The secondary is horrid, the quarterback has been spotty and the wins are slow in coming.


Dallas Cowboys 3-3

Last week: L, 24-22 at NYJ
Last rank: 6th

After starting out like gangbusters, the Cowboys are a complete disaster.


Detroit Lions 2-1-1

Last week: X, XX-XX at GB
Last rank: 11th



Kansas City Chiefs 4-2

Last week: L, 31-24 vs. HOU
Last rank: 3rd

The Chiefs fall hard this week. The defense is about as stable as Chernobyl was.


Houston Texans 4-2

Last week: W, 31-24 at KC
Last rank: 14th

Houston made a statement beating the Chiefs. Looking good after six weeks.


Indianapolis Colts 3-2

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 13th

A week to get healthy, and now a date with the Texans.


Minnesota Vikings 4-2

Last week: W, 38-20 vs. PHI
Last rank: 12th

Everything was falling apart. Now? The Vikings are sitting pretty.


Buffalo Bills 4-1

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 9th

The Bills have to be thrilled sitting second in the AFC standings.


Seattle Seahawks 5-1

Last week: W, 32-28 at CLE
Last rank: 7th

The Seahawks are so good. They’ll be going deep into January.


San Francisco 49ers 5-0

Last week: W, 20-7 at LAR
Last rank: 5th

San Francisco is for real. The Niners stifled the Rams on a short week.


New Orleans Saints 5-1

Last week: W, 13-6 at JAX
Last rank: 4th

When Drew Brees comes back, this could be the best team in all of football.


Green Bay Packers 4-1

Last week: X, XX-XX vs. DET
Last rank: 2nd



New England Patriots 6-0

Last week: W, 35-14 vs. NYG
Last rank: 1st

The Patriots win again, but the offense is becoming a concern.

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