NFL power rankings, Week 9: Titans rise, Bills fall

NFL Power Rankings

The Tennessee Titans are finding a spark with Ryan Tannehill at quarterback, while the Buffalo Bills lost a game against an actual contender.


Miami Dolphins 0-6

Last week: X, XX-XX at PIT
Last rank: 32nd

Let’s just get the Dolphins to the draft.


Cincinnati Bengals 0-8

Last week: L, 24-10 at LAR
Last rank: 31st

Ditto for the Bengals.


Washington Redskins 1-7

Last week: L, 19-9 at MIN
Last rank: 30th

This is not going to be a fun last half of the season.


Atlanta Falcons 1-7

Last week: L, 27-20 vs. SEA
Last rank: 29th

Dan Quinn should have been fired a month ago.


New York Jets 1-6

Last week: L, 29-15 at JAX
Last rank: 28th

The Jets were supposed to be playoff hopefuls, but they’re truly rancid.


New York Giants 2-6

Last week: L, 31-26 at DET
Last rank: 27th

New York is somehow buying at the trade deadline. What?


Denver Broncos 2-6

Last week: L, 15-13 at IND
Last rank: 25th

When Joe Flacco is calling the offensive coordinator conservative… WOW.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-5

Last week: L, 27-23 at TEN
Last rank: 24th

The Bucs got jobbed, but then again, Jameis Winston had three more turnovers.


Cleveland Browns 2-5

Last week: L, 27-13 at NE
Last rank: 22nd

The Browns aren’t good. In any capacity.


Arizona Cardinals 3-4-1

Last week: L, 30-9 at NO
Last rank: 21st

The Cardinals played a real team on Sunday and got waxed.


Chicago Bears 3-4

Last week: L, 17-16 vs. LAC
Last rank: 19th

If the Mitch Trubisky experience doesn’t end after this season, everyone should be fired.


Los Angeles Chargers 3-5

Last week: W, 17-16 at CHI
Last rank: 26th

The Chargers lost in spirit against Chicago, but found a win against a total mess.


Pittsburgh Steelers 2-4

Last week: X, XX-XX vs. MIA
Last rank: 23rd

It’s Miami. Still, the Steelers are now back in the race to a degree.


Oakland Raiders 3-4

Last week: L, 27-24 at HOU
Last rank: 18th

The Raiders almost pulled off a season-altering win. Almost.


Tennessee Titans 4-4

Last week: W, 27-23 vs. TB
Last rank: 20th

Ryan Tannehill should have been the Week 1 starter.


Carolina Panthers 4-3

Last week: L, 51-13 at SF
Last rank: 12th

Time to bring Cam Newton back.


Jacksonville Jaguars 4-4

Last week: W, 29-15 vs. NYJ
Last rank: 17th

Gardner Minshew rebounded from two poor performances to dominate the woeful Jets.


Detroit Lions 3-3-1

Last week: W, 31-26 vs. NYG
Last rank: 15th

Detroit saved its season with a win. Now the Lions have to get rolling.


Buffalo Bills 5-2

Last week: L, 31-13 at PHI
Last rank: 8th

The Bills aren’t going anywhere until the offense steps up.


Philadelphia Eagles 4-4

Last week: W, 31-13 at BUF
Last rank: 16th

Philadelphia is about to get healthier, and that’s a problem for the Cowboys.


Los Angeles Rams 5-3

Last week: W, 24-10 vs. CIN
Last rank: 14th

Beating the Falcons and Bengals doesn’t tell us much, but it’s a start.


Houston Texans 5-3

Last week: W, 27-24 vs. OAK
Last rank: 13th

Winning is good. Losing J.J. Watt is very, very bad.


Baltimore Ravens 5-2

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 11th

Huge test on Sunday night with the Patriots coming to town.


Dallas Cowboys 4-3

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 10th

The Cowboys have to find consistently coming out of their bye week.


Kansas City Chiefs 5-3

Last week: L, 31-24 vs. GB
Last rank: 7th

The Chiefs basically played half their team and almost beat Green Bay. Oddly impressive in defeat.


Indianapolis Colts 5-2

Last week: W, 15-13 vs. DEN
Last rank: 6th

Can’t let Denver hang around like that. Still, the Colts made the plays and escaped.


Seattle Seahawks 6-2

Last week: W, 27-20 at ATL
Last rank: 9th

Seattle got right against the Falcons.


Minnesota Vikings 6-2

Last week: W, 19-9 vs. WSH
Last rank: 5th

Minnesota has ridiculous playmakers. Kirk Cousins is also looking like he’s turned the corner.


San Francisco 49ers 7-0

Last week: W, 51-13 vs. CAR
Last rank: 4th

The 49ers are for real. What a killing of Carolina.


New Orleans Saints 7-1

Last week: W, 30-9 at AZ
Last rank: 3rd

Arguably the best team in football. So impressive all across the board.


Green Bay Packers 7-1

Last week: W, 31-24 at KC
Last rank: 2nd

The Packers found a way to beat Matt Moore. Not a huge endorsement. Then again, Aaron Rodgers. My God.


New England Patriots 8-0

Last week: W, 27-13 vs. CLE
Last rank: 1st

Undefeated, but playing absolutely nobody.

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