Could a move to London produce the Chargers an actual fanbase?

Los Angeles Chargers

It’s no secret that the Chargers have been a disaster attendance-wise in Los Angeles. Will a move to London be the jolt this lumbering franchise needs?

It has been one of the NFL’s worst kept secrets that the Chargers have been a disaster in Los Angeles.

We’re not talking on the field, as they’ll field some playoff-worthy teams during their tenure in suburban Los Angeles. No, their disaster has rapidly unfolded in the stands of Dignity Health Sports Park, the temporary home of these Chargers before they become red-headed stepchildren of the L.A. Rams in SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.

If you’ve been paying any attention to the Chargers this season, you’ll quickly realize that this team, despite its moderate success, has almost no fan support, and it’s even more magnified as they play in the NFL’s smallest stadium. Chargers’ “home games” are basically in name only, as DHSP has resembled the opposing team’s home stadium, with the visiting fans far outnumbering actual Chargers fans.

There’s no other way to put it: it’s embarrassing. So much so that the NFL is considering moving the Chargers to London permanently, and it seems the team is listening to the NFL’s pitch, per CBS Sports.


Under normal circumstances, news breaking of this caliber would cause a franchise’s fanbase to freakout, and break out the “Save Our Team” banners, but in Chargerville?

Near crickets.

While a move to London is nowhere near a done deal and seems pretty unlikely, the dead response from what remains of “Charger Nation” could be the reason why the NFL would entertain such a ludicrous plan. With their fanbase in SoCal nearly depleted and monopolized by the more-successful Rams, imagine the Chargers playing in front of a half-empty SoFi Stadium on Sundays?

Now you see why the NFL is interested in moving the Chargers to London, as it could not only be a money-maker for the league but also rejuvenate the team’s fanbase. London has long wanted its own NFL franchise, and NFL in London games have shown the league that the NFL could be economically viable in England, given if the league can work out the mountains of logistical and CBA issues that stand in the way of such a move.

Granted, moving the Chargers would put a nail in the coffin of what little remains of their fanbase in SoCal. They’ve all-but-alienated their San Diego fanbase, and L.A. doesn’t even seem to think they exist. Meanwhile, there is a hoard of NFL fans in England ready to call an NFL team their own, and it would give the Chargers something they haven’t enjoyed since their move from San Diego — and actual home-field advantage.

So, on one hand, moving the Chargers to London would be a ridiculous proposition that will produce a litany of challenges that will make a move of this caliber near-impossible. On the other hand, the Chargers situation in L.A. isn’t tenable, and if things don’t change attendance-wise, Dean Spanos may be faced with the prospects of having to move this team, yet again.

Might as well be across the pond.

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