Katie Nolan: Tom Brady is a better quarterback, but Jay Cutler is the better hang

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Tom Brady may be her hero, but Katie Nolan would rather hang with Jay Cutler. They have a lot in common, such as how they both love Kristin Cavallari.

Trash talking is everything in college football and nobody knows more about how to talk trash than ESPN’s Katie Nolan.

Nolan spoke with FanSided‘s Mark Carman on behalf of the Dos Equis College Football Football College, where she is one of the professors at this prestigious college football university along with two former NFL and collegiate standouts in the multi-talented tight end Martellus Bennett and the always captivating quarterback Jay Cutler.

“Well, first of all, it’s not an odd pairing, it’s a perfect pairing” said Nolan. “I think when you think about College Football Football College, which is the Dos Equis campaign we’re working on. When you think about a college football school, you think about Jay Cutler, Katie Nolan and Martellus Bennett. I’ve always said that. Does Equis is smart enough to put us all together.”

“What do we have in common? What don’t we have in common. Let’s see, Jay Cutler and I, we both love Kristin Cavallari in a weird way. Martellus Bennett and I, we both were on the field with the Patriots won the Super Bowl against the Falcons. Like, we both have that in common. We both played the same role in that game.”

“We got a lot in common, we’re best friends. I’ve never met Jay Cutler, but we’re best friends. And we’re a ragtag group ready to educate the masses about college football. What more could you want?”

Nolan may think that having a College Football Playoff Selection Committee is weird, and so is ranking people, places and things, but how does she find common ground with college football fans?: Talking some serious trash.

“There are just so many places and positions for argument and actually, that’s the best thing about sports. That’s why I’m fully in on college football right now and that’s what I teach at this college. I teach trash talk because there’s so many places you can just talk trash to people within in college football…It’s all about chaos, be a sheep Baaahhh! Follow the leader.”

Point taking. When asked what her hero Tom Brady of the New England Patriots does for fun, Nolan would say simply, “football.” She’s not interested his hobbies because he doesn’t eat nightshades and has never had a strawberry, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want him to play forever or until he’s 47.

“Give me a Jay Cutler,” said Nolan. “You know, I can hang with that guy. I know we’ve got similar interests. I’ve watched him drink on TV. That to me is an easier hang than Tom Brady. I’ve never met him, partially because never meet your hearts. I just don’t want any blanks filled in about Tom Brady. I know everything I need to know about him…I don’t want him to be ruined.”

Being a champion is fun, but having fun is more fun. So let’s have fun, talk some trash and learn maybe a thing or two at the Dos Equis College Football Football College. Word on the street is that their might be beer there. Let’s get educated folks!

Katie Nolan spoke with FanSided on behalf of the Dos Equis College Football Football College.

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