Ed McCaffrey: John Elway is a Mount Rushmore quarterback

Denver Broncos, Super Bowl

Three-time Super Bowl champion and father of Christian McCaffrey Ed McCaffrey has no doubts his former teammate John Elway is a Mount Rushmore quarterback.

Ed McCaffrey is a three-time Super Bowl Champion, a Pro Bowler in 1998 and the father of four sons, one of whom is Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey. Beginning in 2020, McCaffrey will be the head coach of the Northern Colorado Bears’ football team at the FCS level.

While he played with some phenomenal players during his 13 years in the league, McCaffrey has no doubts about where his former Denver Broncos teammate John Elway stacks up in the NFL quarterbacking pantheon.

“He’s on Mount Rushmore,” said McCaffrey to FanSided‘s Mark Carman on behalf of Ticketmaster. “John Elway is a Mount Rushmore quarterback. He just is and he played in the old-school game where you could take quarterbacks’ heads off. You were getting blasted. You had to be big, strong and physical to even last a season.”

“A cannon for an arm, but he was great his whole life. He wasn’t a guy who all of the sudden emerged. People knew about him from the time he was a little kid, playing pro baseball, pro football.”

“But he had a Cinderella career where you’re always the bridesmaid, but you’re never the bride. You get there, you lose. You get there and then finally, it all finally comes together and he wins two back-to-back to end his career. It’s pretty phenomenal.”

McCaffrey spent his last nine NFL seasons with the Broncos, playing his first four with the team with Elway as his quarterback from 1995-98. Their former head coach Mike Shanahan’s son, Kyle Shanahan, is coaching the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 54 on Sunday.

McCaffrey won his first Super Bowl with the 1994 49ers when Shanahan was on the staff. While McCaffrey isn’t into making predictions, it’s safe to say where he’s leaning in Sunday’s game between the 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Ed McCaffrey spoke with FanSided on behalf of Ticketmaster.

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