What was Patrick Mahomes’ best play of the 2019 season?

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Patrick Mahomes turned in some gems in 2019, but what was his best?

It’s no secret that Patrick Mahomes is one of the most spectacular athletes in all of sports right now. The 2018 NFL MVP managed to one-up his performance with his first Super Bowl victory as a member of the Chiefs in 2019. Even more shocking is the fact that Mahomes finished his second full season as a starter and has done more than many quarterbacks in NFL history has done in their careers.

In those two seasons, he has delivered jaw-dropping plays that leave the announcers and fans speechless as to how he came close to accomplishing the matter. And even more impressive for Mahomes, it was not all his arm, as he managed to utilize his legs as well in the 2019 season to really put the icing on the cake as to how good he can be.

While Mahomes dealt with injury in his second season, that did not stop him from putting his body on the line for his team to eventually get to the Super Bowl. Here’s a look at the five best plays of Mahomes’s Super Bowl season, finishing it off with the best of the best.

Parick Mahomes fifth-best play: The Mecole Hardman jump pass

Many wondered if Mahomes was rushing himself back from injury when he returned in Week 10 against the Tennessee Titans. The quarterback had gone down with a knee injury just three weeks earlier and returned in the soonest possible game. He clearly wanted to show that he was all ready to go with one of the most absurd passes the league had seen in some time.

After three quarters had gone by, Mahomes and the Chiefs had a 22-20 lead over the Titans. On third and nine with the Titans’ defenders in his face, Mahomes stepped up and leaped into the air to let go of a laser to wide receiver Mecole Hardman. What made the play even more impressive was that Hardman managed to take it the rest to finish off a 63-yard touchdown.

The difficulty of playing in the NFL is one thing. Jumping into the air a delivering a picture-perfect pass to your receiver is another. Mahomes has proven to be impressive time and time again for the Chiefs and this was another version of that.

What may be scarier is the fact that this is only five on a list of his best plays from the entire season. With his so-called “prime” still to come as he is only 24 years old, plenty of more leaping passes are sure to come out of the Chiefs quarterback through his career. His next four plays display the clutch gene that Mahomes found in 2019, as opposed to 2018 where he struggled against some of the league’s top teams in the win category.

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