Dolphins need to help Tua Tagovailoa by drafting his former Alabama teammate

Miami Dolphins, NFL Draft

The Miami Dolphins need to help Tua Tagovailoa by re-pairing him with Najee Harris.

One year ago, the Miami Dolphins kept their promise and drafted Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa fifth overall. A 6-2 record entering Week 17 showed so much growth and potential despite limited passing. Then, the Buffalo Bills intercepted Tagovailoa three times on the way to a 56-26 victory.

A 10-6 season is far from terrible, but the rebuild is almost complete. Tagovailoa did enough to prove he’s a capable starter in the NFL, but he can’t do it alone. And one look at the arsenal at hand shows the team could use some upgrades.

The Dolphins will have four picks inside the first two rounds, all of which should be used on offense. Instead of replacing Tagovailoa, build around him with a true No. 1 receiver and perhaps more offensive linemen.

Miami needs to make a gutsy play, meaning trading up late could be an option. If the time is right, pairing Najee Harris with his former quarterback once again makes perfect sense.

Harris adds an extra element to offense

Miami finished 22nd in rushing with four different running backs. Only Myles Gaskins tallied more than 500 yards on the season, and the average yards per play were a measly 4.1 on the ground.

Gaskins has done enough to warrant a second season but not as the lead back. Combined, Miami tallied 1,688 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns in 16 games. Alone, Harris collected 1,387 yards and 27 touchdowns in just 10 games.

That was against an All-SEC schedule.

The NFL is a different game. Even the scout team players were some of the best schools had to offer each draft. Harris dominated the competition in College Football’s prep program for the big show. He averaged 6.1 yards per play and finished six games with over 100 yards on the play.

One thing that isn’t mentioned enough his Harris’ hands and plays after the catch. In case your memory needs a refreshment, this play from South Carolina in 2019 says it all.

Tagovailoa checked down to the flats, Harris used strength to stay alive. Three defenders and a hurdle later, there’s six for the Crimson Tide.

In a position that slowly has diminished value, Harris adds it to a backfield. Speed, power, elusiveness — those are just a few traits to describe the human highlight reel found in Tuscaloosa. It’s something the Dolphins need.

Tagovailoa was at his best when Harris lined up beside him. There was a trust factor that couldn’t be broken and a confidence that never dwindled. With it, the two blossomed into the SEC’s finest duo.

Chris Grier will have several picks on Day 2 to work with. Should Harris fall, a trade-up should be imminent. Although first-round running backs rarely live up to the hype, Harris isn’t your average back.

The Dolphins said they would build around Tagovailoa. It starts by adding RB1 in April.

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