Steelers: T.J. Watt calls out false report that he skipped team’s exit interview

Pittsburgh Steelers

T.J. Watt is calling out a report that says he skipped his Steelers exit interview.

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a terrible end to the 2020 season, so it would be understandable if the players just wanted to go home and start preparing for 2021.

A report, if we will call it that, dropped on Twitter Monday night courtesy of controversial Pittsburgh talk show host Mark Madden. He claims star defender T.J. Watt skipped his exit interview.

Watt quickly spoke out to say this was patently false.

T.J. Watt disputes report

Now here is a messy situation playing out on Twitter between a player and a radio personality. Madden went so far as to double down several times on his initial report.

Madden has several tweets that claim Watt did in fact skip his exit interview. Someone isn’t telling the truth, but it would be odd for Watt to speak out against this if he was indeed lying. That would be an unnecessary distraction, and he is claiming coaches can back him up on this.

Another famous Watt chimed in as well.

These types of distractions surround teams who are facing challenges. Steelers fans were used to so much success and now have to deal with people covering the team starting drama. However, some fans may just quickly write off what Madden has to say.

Watt was a first-team All-Pro once again in 2020 and was voted to his third career Pro Bowl. One would imagine fans would take his side in this.

A story such as this one doesn’t need to be blown out of proportion, and we may never find out who is telling the actual truth. Watt has said his piece, while Madden is standing by his claim. What fans will be hoping for is that the team can improve in 2021 so the offseason isn’t spent talking about such petty problems.

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