Michael Irvin says Russell Wilson is coming for Dak Prescott’s job

Dallas Cowboys

Russell Wilson is coming for Dak Prescott, according to one Cowboys team legend.

Prescott is more than likely to be franchise tagged this offseason yet again, unless the Cowboys defy the odds and reach a long-term contract agreement with Dak’s agent in time. Because Prescott’s contract dilemma remains a focal point of the Cowboys offseason drama, Dallas has been linked with another quarterback –Seattle Seahawks franchise signal-caller Russell Wilson.

Wilson doesn’t want out of Seattle just yet, but has reached out to Seahawks representatives to let them know which teams he’d be willing to waive his no-trade clause for. The Cowboys made that cut, but at this point Wilson would rather the Seahawks add to their offensive line than focus on dealing him away.

Michael Irvin knows the secret of Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott

“Quarterbacks suddenly have the power to leave a team. But that also means they have the power to come to a team,” Irvin said. “Russell Wilson wants Dak’s chair.”

The likelihood of Wilson replacing Prescott seems slim. Why would the Cowboys trade away assets for a franchise quarterback when they already have one? Either way, they’ll have to pay one of Prescott or Wilson long-term. Trading for Wilson fixes nothing unless Jerry Jones is convinced a large talent gap exists between the two players.

Wilson is more capable than Prescott at this juncture, plus Dak is coming off major injury. But trading away multiple first-round picks for that (relatively minor) talent gap isn’t a smart decision. Jones has made boldly dumb moves before though. Heck, he had to be held back from drafting Johnny Manziel in 2014.

Star power is a great draw in Jerryworld. We’ll see if Jones and the Cowboys front office jumps at the opportunity, or does the smart thing and finally inks Prescott.

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